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Ramdia is situated in the north bank of the river Brahmaputra which is only 30 K.M. away from Guwahati. Really speaking, Ramdia is an admixture of many revenue villages viz- Majorkuri, Ujankuri, Sarubakra, Barbakra, Gandheletari, Bhelkar etc.The Name of Ramdia is available in the history of Assam, specially in the history of the Ahoms. Ramdia may be said as a compound word. ‘Ram means big e.g.- Ram chagali, Ramchar,Ramtangon etc. and  ‘dia’ means char/chapori, an island or bank formed by a river. The neighbouring villages of Ramdia like Tokradia,  Hahdia, Khetrihardia, Barhardia bear this notion.
The famous pancha –tirtha of Hajo situated in the east of Ramdia .The river Brahmaputra flowes to the south of Hajo and that very char (under Hajo) is called as ‘Namdia’ and gradually that very ‘Namdia’ may be transformed into Ramdia. In Kathaguru Charit’, it is said “Tehe Hajor Nama Ramdia balate choi Grihoke roise’ (Page 570)
Ramdia is rich in the domain of education and culture in which Raibahadur Kaliram Medhi contributed a lot in the firmament of literature.
It was a dream of the people of greater Ramdia and its nearby areas to impact quality higher education among the people of this area, and accordingly they fulfilled their dream through the establishment of Binandi Ch. Medhi College, Ramdia in the year of 1992.
The College got temporary affilitation from Gauhati University up to part II (Arts) standard for the session 1995-96 and obtained Govt. concurrence up to Part-II level in 2004. It got permanent affiatiation from GU in 2009. The College is provincialised in the year of 2013 according to the Assam Govt’s Venture Institution provincialisation Act 2011.
Binandi Ch Medhi College, Ramdia has completed twenty first glorious years which has been fruitful in many different ways. As we are preparing to welcome our new comers for this session we have taken the pledge to provide quality education to our students within the ambit of our reasonable resources.
Through this column, I want to convey the learners that present age is the age of globalization. It is an age of quality higher education. Quality makes the Knowledge relevant to individual as well as social needs. Quality education is required to enable person, societies and nations to acquire the skill and competencies required for living meaningfully in competitive, globalised world. But there is a general view that higher education in India has deteriorated in terms of quality and social relevance. The quantitative expansion of higher education is accompanied by qualitative deterioration. Therefore, thirst for knowledge and build a knowledged society has become a major concern of every institution og higher learning. Keeping in mind, the all pervading importance of education in today’s world, our institution intends to provide quality higher education for entire students, so that they can survive in the competitive job market and able to build moral character for self as well as to make our society a peaceful, stable and civilized one.
Finally, it is my earnest hope that bit will reach out to the society and go a long way in empowering the people of this rural area by providing quality based higher education among them to make a dutiful citizen for the country.
Wishing all of the learners a bright future

Principal i/c
B.C.M.C, Ramdia