A Brief History

Binandi Ch Medhi College, Ramdia (formerly known as Ramdia College) situated at Ramdia, an institution for higher education was established on August 13, 1992.

A group of dedicated persons covering the greater area of Ramdia, Bangalpara, Tokradia, Khetrihardia, Barhardia, Sobancha, Dampur etc. with their relentless and untiring effort has established this institution to provide quality higher education. Later on, the college was renamed as Binandi Chandra Medhi College, Ramdia in the name of the donor’s Dr. jyoti Prasad Medhi’s father as a gesture of gratitude.

Originally, the college started in “Ramdia Puthibharal Aru Samuhik Sanskritik Kendra” from 13/08/92. The college also obtained permission for concurrence on 29-12-1999 and obtained the Govt. concurrence up to part II level on 27-09-2004 and provincialised in 2013, according to the Assam Govt’s Venture Institution provincialisation Act 2011. The college got permanent affiliation from G.U. on 18/12/09 and registered under Society Act XXI of 1860 on 12/03/2012. The College is included under 2 (f) And 12 (B) of UGC Act. 1956.

Till today the college gets financial support from No.1 Ramdia samabai samiti, Public donation, Theatrical performance, lottery and the financial assistance received from the Govt of Assam.


The Principal

Ramdia is situated in the north bank of the river Brahmaputra which is only 30 K.M. away from Guwahati. Really speaking, Ramdia is an a mixture of many revenue villages viz- Majorkuri, Ujankuri, Sarubakra, Barbakra, Gandheletari, Bhelkar etc.

The name of Ramdia is recorded in the history of Assam, specially in the history of the Ahoms. Ramdia can be considered as a compound word. 'Ram' means big such as Ram chagali, Ramchar,Ramtangon etc. and ‘dia’ means char/chapori, an island or bank formed by a river. The neighbouring villages of Ramdia like Tokradia, Hahdia, Khetrihardia, Barhardia bear this notion. Read more »


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